Archinect Sessions
Session 37: Parisian Exports and Silicon Valley Imports

Our episode this week revolves around Paris – city of lights, riots, artists and cheese-shaped skyscrapers (or at least, those are the bits were talking about). As part of a nationwide strike against UberPop, the cheapest Uber-affiliate in France, taxi drivers in Paris launched a riotous protest on June 25, terrorizing Uber drivers and generally disrupting Parisians in transit (and Courtney Love).

Contention (albeit the nonviolent kind) also arose in response to Herzog & de Meuron's new Tour Triangle skyscraper, which Paris officials approved on June 30. It will be the city's first skyscraper since the much-maligned Tour Montparnasse was built in 1973, precipitating a height limit on new buildings (that has since been relaxed). Critics are unhappy about the Triangle's intrusion onto the Parisian skyline, and its inhospitable-looking atmosphere on the street level.

Paul also shares his conversation with Guggenheim Helsinki winners Nicolas Moreau and Hiroko Kusunoki, following up on our discussion of their winning proposal on Episode #35. For a refresher on Moreau Kusunoki's work, check out our piece, Who are Helsinki Guggenheim winners Nicolas Moreau and Hiroko Kusunoki?

We're also pleased to share Paul's interview with Paris-based artist Xavier Veilhan, whose series of interventions into some of the world's most famous modernist landmarks have culminated with his book, Architectones. Paul spoke with Veilhan, along with his Los Angeles-collaborator, François Perrin, at the book's launch at MOCA a few weeks ago.

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