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This week, with the encroaching holiday craziness picking up steam, we're releasing a mini-version of Archinect Sessions to cap off the 2014 podcasting season. For this special XS session, Paul, Amelia, Donna and Ken make predictions for the world of architecture in 2015, and discuss our plans for the year's end. We'll return from the hiatus with a new episode airing on January 8th.

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How far we've come: this week, we're thrilled to have Christopher Hawthorne on the podcast, architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times. Paul, Amelia, Donna and Ken talk with Christopher about his recent 3-part series on architecture and immigration in southern California, the role of the architecture critic at a major national newspaper, and his take on new media journalism.

We're also proud to introduce our inaugural bit with Archinect's lawyer-correspondent, Brian Newman at Dykema Gossett PLLC, where we submit our architectural legal queries to an actual lawyer. And per usual, we check in on recent news, discussing the stormy marketing campaign for a Steampunk luxury condo building.

And has it really already been ten episodes? To celebrate Archinect Sessions' rite-of-passage into double digits, we reflect on how it's been going so far – what we'd like to change, criticism we've received, and our favorite episodes.

Send your architectural legal questions, comments or questions about the podcast to us, on twitter #archinectsessions or call us at: (213) 784-7421.

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This week, architect-turned-coffee entrepreneur Yeekai Lim of Cognoscenti Coffee joins us in-studio, to talk pop-up shops and hospitality architecture. Afterward, Paul, Amelia, Donna and Ken hash out the recently announced finalists for the Guggenheim Helsinki competition.

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Session 8: Michael Rotondi and "The Sense of Place"

Michael Rotondi joins us in-studio this week, for a special conversation with Orhan Ayyüce about architecture education and Rotondi's Los Angeles roots. PaulAmeliaDonna and Ken also discuss ol' fashioned southern contextualism in Charleston, South Carolina, in response to Clemson University's scrapped modern building plans.

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This week on the podcast: continuing our earlier discussion on student debt, special guest (and fellow Archinector) Quilian Riano joins PaulAmeliaDonna and Ken to discuss the Architecture Lobby's advocacy for increasing the value of architecture, both monetarily and in the public eye. We also cover Karim Rashid's recent inflammatory New York Times interview.

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This week on the podcast: student debt, Chicago's "State of the Art of Architecture", and our new series, Archinect's LexiconPaulAmeliaDonna and Ken are joined by architecture students Jarrod and Elliott to discuss how student debt is changing their lives and careers. We also consider what Chicago has in store for its inaugural architectural biennial next year, and how architectural language (and English in general) is changing with the internet.

As always, you can tweet questions/comments about podcast topics to #archinectsessions, or leave a message for us at (213) 784-7421. You could hear your voice on the next episode.

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For this week's podcast, Paul and Amelia spoke with architect Barbara Bestor, of Bestor Architecture, about growing her firm and Los Angeles' design influence, prompted by one of her recently acquired projects, a renovation of Lautner's Silvertop house. Next up, something's rotten in the state of New Jersey: Donna and Ken join in to discuss the local-beefs surrounding the new Michael Graves School of Architecture, whose prioritization of hand-drawing is inciting criticism from the neighboring New Jersey Institute of Technology.

We also consider Julia Ingalls' Material Witness series, and how cinematography and set design can drive narrative (and architectural) themes. To conclude, we briefly touch on the recently revealed renderings of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts in Chicago, designed by MAD Architects.

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This week, Paul, AmeliaDonna and Ken speak with Greg Henderson, architect and co-founder of Arx Pax, the company that is bringing the long-fantisized hoverboard to the market. We also discuss the hoverboard's technology and its potential applications in architecture. Greg holds an M.Arch from UC Berkeley, leading to our discussion on the history behind Working Out of the Box, and what may come next for the series, now that employers have more jobs than there are architects to fill them.

We also discuss the problematics of the Helsinki Guggenheim's Stage One entries, and whether Gehry's bird flipping makes him into a crotchety old man or defiant punk.

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This week, Paul and Amelia talk with co-hosts Donna and Ken about the fickle pomo debate that is Michael Graves' Portland Building. We're joined by special guest Brian Libby, a freelance architecture journalist based in Portland, who's spent his fair share of time writing, reporting on, and inside the Portland Building.

We also hash out the Guardian's boondoggle on Obama's Presidential Library, and introduce our upcoming coverage on the ACADIA Conference, taking place October 23-25 in Los Angeles, including a conversation with co-chair Alvin Huang.

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Co-hosts Donna Sink and Ken Koense join us for our second episode, to discuss licensing and IDP issues at NCARB, the value of mentorship in the profession, and the latest news on the Moriyama RAIC International Prize.

"Archinect Sessions" is a weekly podcast discussing recent news items and happenings on the website. Hosted by Archinect's founder and publisher, Paul Petrunia, alongside Editorial Manager Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, the podcast pulls on the expertise of special weekly co-hosts, whether other Archinectors or players within the architecture community at large.

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A podcast is born! "Archinect Sessions" is a weekly podcast discussing recent news items and happenings on the site. Hosted by Archinect's founder and publisher, Paul Petrunia, along with Editorial Manager Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, the podcast also pulls on the expertise of special weekly co-hosts, whether other Archinectors or players within the architecture community at large.

Our first episode focuses on the issue of gender in the architecture world, prompted by the recent news post from ACSA, "Where are the women? Measuring progress on gender in architecture". We're joined by co-hosts Donna Sink and Ken Koense, and special guest Lian Chikako Chang!

Our aim is to expand perspectives on important news topics and highlight the site's major going-ons. You'll hear from a diversity of voices, and can share your own thoughts about the topics we're covering by dropping us a line.


Show Notes from Ep. 1 of "Archinect Sessions":

Archinect news items covered:

ACSA Atlas project

Unconscious bias

Aptitude differences between men and women

Nathan Ensmenger: Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls”

Michael Porter quote: architecture as a "gentleman's profession"

Donna's Mentorship Challenge forum discussion

Archinect forum discussion on phenomenology

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean-In movement

Cosmo's "The Computer Girls" 1976 article

For this, and lots more, go to this link, incuding Ken's pictures from Turkey in the gallery! Bonus: Archinectors' dog pics.

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